Experience this 3D shooting game with accelerometer control!

Combination of fighting aspect and a diversity of attacking styles makes it more exciting!

The seal placed by the Goddess of Gaia has been damaged, due to the polluted environment caused by the human beings in this world, which has awakened the Goddess of Darkness.

4.6 billion years later, dark mists clouded the sky once again...

To prevent a tragedy from happening, 3 heroes has been granted with supernatural powers by the Goddess of Gaia and sent to protect the lifes in this world.

Symbolizing life and death, a great war of creation and destruction is about to begin...


* Shooting game with brilliant storyline
* Fancy graphics in 3D
* Two game modes: Story and Challenge
* Each character with her own fighting style and special attacks
* Switch freely between 3 different control modes (motion, finger touch,








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