This is a 3D tower defense game.
The grandma and the cats are the main theme of the game.
The game is about some cats helping the injured grandma to protect the crystals.

Long, long time ago, there was an old witch,
whom has been using magics to defend against evil monsters that are trying to steal her magical crystals.
One day, the old witch hurt her back accidentally.
Therefore, she told her cats about the secrets of magic cards and the magical eggs,
so they can use the magical cannons to prevent the monsters from stealing the magical crystals.


* 3D tower defense game
* 3D character with warm hearted and lovely characteristic
* Two game modes: Classic and Challenge 
* Each cat with its own tower and special attacks 
* Cards and eggs provide more interesting gameplay experience








Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5
Stage 6-1 Stage 6-2      


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